• Building Survey Reports
  • Measured Surveys
  • Defects Analysis
  • Planning Applications
  • Development Monitoring
  • Snag Lists
  • Assigned Certifier Role

Building Survey Reports

A building survey report is carried out before a client purchases a residential dwelling. It is usually carried out between the time of an offer being made and the exchange of contracts. The prospective purchaser will make an offer on the property ‘subject to survey ‘. The findings within the report highlight any structural defects within the property and the client can make an informed decision as to whether to purchase.

Measured Surveys

A measured survey is an accurate record of a building and/or site. These surveys are carried out to furnish the owner with an accurate record for future extensions, development or refurbishment purposes. From this information, detailed drawings can be prepared to aid with future works the owner may wish to execute.


Defects Analysis

A Building Surveyor is ideally suited to assess defects in residential properties. The identification of defects takes the form of a report outlining the minor to the most serious. On foot of this report, a maintenance programme can be drawn up, providing projected costs in bringing the property back into good repair.


Planning Applications

Planning applications are at the core of our expertise. Whether it be alterations, extensions or new builds, we are ideally suited to develop the client’s needs through planning drawings and all statuary notices.

Development Monitoring

As the title suggests, this is basically monitoring building works, ensuring compliance with Building Regulations and correct use of labour and materials. Included in this is contract administration such as site visits, preparing interim payment certificates for mortgage draw downs , final account, snagging and issuing a Certificate of Compliance.

Snag Lists

A snag list is carried out on new properties. It basically takes the form of a list of snagging items that the contractor/developer must complete before the prospective buyer moves in.

Assigned Certifier Role

Since the amendment to the Building Control Regulations in 2014, all new builds must be supervised by an Assigned Certifier. Both the Assigned Certifier and contractor must certify that the completed building complies with current Building Regulations. It is worth noting that no new building can be occupied without a Certificate of Compliance issued by a Registered Building Surveyor, a Registered Architect or a Chartered Engineer.

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