• Pre-Acquisition Surveys
  • Measured Surveys
  • Schedules of Dilapidations
  • Defects Analysis
  • Property Maintenance Advice
  • Planning Permission, Fire Safety Certificate and Disabled Access Certificate Applications
  • Development Monitoring
  • Landlord/Tenant Issues
  • Schedules of Condition
  • Assigned Certifier Role
  • Contract Administration

Pre-Acquisition Surveys

A pre-acquisition survey is usually carried out before the purchase of a property, be it an investment or owner/occupier property. The report subsequent to the survey will outline the condition of the building with budget costings for any repairs highlighted.

On foot of this report, we can advise on adaptability for any alterations or refurbishment the prospective purchaser may be considering.

Measured Surveys

A measured survey is an accurate record of a building and/or site. These surveys are carried out to furnish the owner with a record for future extensions or refurbishment purposes. From this information, we can prepare detailed drawings to aid with future works the owner may be contemplating.

Schedules of Dilapidations

When a tenant enters into a lease with a landlord, it is important for both parties to be certain of their prospective repairing covenants within the lease.

In the case of the landlord, he may wish to serve the tenant (usually at rent review stage) with an Interim Schedule, or a Terminal Schedule at lease end. The Schedule of Dilapidations is usually prepared for the landlord to ascertain the level of damages attributable to the tenant. If, under the terms of the lease, the tenant is responsible for these repairs, they must be carried out or, alternatively, a negotiated sum may be paid to the landlord for him to implement the repairs.

If acting for the tenant, we carry out an inspection of the property to be certain that the landlord is not over burdening the tenant with repairs not in the repairing covenant. If a Schedule Condition was not prepared by the tenant at the start of the lease, it is up to the Building Surveyor to ascertain exactly what the tenant is liable for, and negotiate this with the landlord’s agent.

Defects Analysis

Over the lifespan of a building, defects occur irrespective of design, materials or workmanship. We identify such defects and can advise as to the correct course of action. This takes the form of a report which can be referred to by the occupier, and the defects can be addressed in a timely manner.

Property Maintenance

We can advise clients as to how their investment property can be suitably maintained. As one would expect, the earlier that defects are detected and attended to, the lower the cost. If defects are significant and costly, we can prepare a planned maintenance schedule, prioritising the more serious elements of disrepair.

Planning Permission, Fire Safety Certificate and Disabled Access Certificate Applications

Generally, all new builds, alterations and material changes of use require planning permission. Given our knowledge of the principles of design and current legislation, we are ideally suited to design and project manage small to medium sized commercial and industrial projects.

Development Monitoring

Once planning permission and other legislative requirements have been obtained, the proposed development is ready to go to site. Site monitoring by a Building Surveyor is integral to the smooth running of the contract, through liaising with the contractor and ensuring compliance with Building Regulations and good practice.

Landlord/Tenant Issues

We have been retained by both landlords and tenants to interpret lease obligations, mainly in the fields of tenant alterations and common area upgrades.

In the case of common area refurbishment, they are normally carried out under the instructions of the landlord (depending upon the lease agreement) and paid for by the tenant through a service charge or sinking fund. We offer to provide design drawings, specifications and schedules of work, development monitoring whilst ensuring all statutory requirements are adhered to.

In cases of tenant alterations, it is often, under the terms of the lease, incumbent upon the tenant to seek landlord approval. We can assess all drawings and documents submitted by the tenant for approval and ensure all regulations are complied with.

Schedules of Condition

At the outset of a lease agreement with a landlord, it is advisable for the tenant to retain a Building Surveyor to prepare a photographic Schedule of Condition. This records the accurate condition of the property at the commencement of the lease and can be instrumental during negotiations when the landlord exercises his right to serve a Schedule of Dilapidations.


Assigned Certifier Role

Since the amendment to the Building Control Regulations, all developments require an Assigned Certifier to oversee the design, construction and final certification of a project. We have carried out a number of developments for which we have acted as an Assigned Certifier.

Contract Administration

Whether straightforward or complex, we are equipped to to take a client’s project from feasibility to completion. At the outset, we will prepare drawings, specifications, schedules of work, budget costings, analysis of tenders, appointment of contractor and management of the contract on site. This can be time consuming, and by us taking this on board, we can free up the client to carry out his/her normal daily activities with minimal disruption.



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